Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

For Pictures go to...

It was a blast! Hope all that came had fun and took all thier goodies with them!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Two & a Half Men

Now I rarely watch this show but, I feel I must quote...

Women with big boobs work at Hooters, Do you know where women with one leg work?


HA! I love stupid jokes!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Second, Thirds, Fouths Chances?

I am going to try blogging, yet again!

I have been on hiatus for the last few months because things have recently felt like they were spiraling downward with no bottom in site. Various things with school, projects I should be working on, losing my position in cosmetics that i really loved, no prospects of Mr. Right, or even right now, and no moving.

Well most of these items are still in play but I have finally hit bottom and I am on my way back up. A few weeks ago I found a new position at the new Macy's that was 30 hours, so i applied and today i found out that I got the job!! Like I said it's 30 hours and a pay increase. So that helps with the prospects of actually looking for a place to move again. Long story short for about the past month i have been working in the children dept. Making the same amount minus commission and half the hours I was getting in either cosmetics or when i was in the restaurant.

So I have started looking for apartments again, I see schools end in sight and I am currently working on my first job as an Interior Designer. I am remodeling a kitchen that has been quiet challenging but well worth it. And my favorite team is starting their season soon! That's right the Spirit are back for another thrilling season I need my hockey/hot boy/jail bait/fighting fix. Cross your fingers that I can still get seats for opening game night.

Other things that have happened... I took a trip to California to visit my brother and his wife. A few trying times as always but really what more can you expect when you live in a one bedroom apt for a week with your entire family, but all in all a great trip. And I took way to many pics to even try and post my favorites here. But my favorite thing about Cali, I found out that I am going to be an AUNT!! Yeah for me! I am very excited, I have even found a shirt online that says "Soon to be Aunt" and some others that I am saving to surprise my brother at the shower. And on that same note I need to move out of the kids dept as soon as possible, because I have been purchasing things left and right, and I don't even know what the sex is...

And last, but certainly not least, I am getting ready to travel to the other side of the United States to visit my kindred spirit, Mr. Noland King for his birthday next week. Looking very forward to that and to finally meeting all these people he has been telling me about.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Burning Rubber? Gas Leak? ...

11:55 - Let dog outside to go pee
12:05- Smell odd aroma
12:05-12:15- Search for possible gas leak or origin of stench
12:16- wake up father to see if he can figure out weird aroma
12:18- let dog inside, check garage for anything odd looking
12:19- Flip on back yard light and peak out door, see odor... a big ass SKUNK!!

Yes you heard that right. Nasty black and white animal that sprays and stinks, and what did it spray? You probably figured out, my lovely puppy dog Shadow. So while we were searching for the source of stench my dog was in our living room rolling around in our living room on the carpet. So our dog, living room, kitchen, garage, back yard basically everything reeks, and still reeks today. So we scrubbed the dog down with tomato paste then shampoo, and like everything else he still smells bad.

Then this morning I received a call from my mother at around 7:55. Telling me that i had better, really scrub myself before I went to work, because apparently when anyone walked passed her office they could smell skunk. So I scrubbed down in the shower with tomato paste, shower scrub and shower gel and then sprayed myself down with perfume. Needless to say, when i went to work i didn't smell like skunk! YEAH! And then after work I was in charge of going to the store to see if i could find some sort of carpet cleaner that we could use and the air out the house. Unfortunately it still smells....

Does anyone know the cure all for skunks?!?!

Sun Dried raisin, the Human Kind

Another story from cosmetics, start getting use to it! Today I saw the scariest thing i have seen in a while. A woman that was so dark from fake bake she probably could have passed herself off as African American, she kind of looked like Donatella Versace but darker if you can imagine. Then as if that wasn't bad enough she was a heavier set woman wearing daisy duke cut off jean shorts and a skimpy tank that let her bosoms run free. Do people no longer own mirrors in their houses? It's one thing to have good self esteem that you would wear that out of your house but are you kidding me?

Are We Going Golfing Later?

Now that I work in the lower level of Marshall Fields I get to see tons more people that i did upstairs. This leads me to my post. I love to people watch and the thing I like most about people watching is making fun of others. I know this is bad to admit and I am sure there are days when people do it to me but here's the thing it's fun. Especially doing it with others. And when ever I see some one that's completely tragic I think of my friend Noland, I want to take a picture and send it to him just to hear what comment would fly out of his mouth.

The reason I am writing this because I saw some doosies my last round working in Cosmetics. There were these two girls, both in extremely colorful plaid bottoms (one in capris, the other in shorts) and one of them was even wearing a horizontally striped shirt, then to top off the look they were both wearing, what I can only describe as "Newsie" paperboy caps... also plaid. I think it would have been one thing to be wearing plaid, and granted some plaids aren't that bad, but to be an identical twin walking down the isles of the mall together is quiet another. Then came the kicker... a THIRD girl in a hideous brown and cream plaid bottom (no cap) walked by and joined the other two getting yogurt and then walked out into the mall. Was it plaid day and no one bother to tell me?! It wasn't even a school day, so you can blame it on school spirit! Is plaid really that in?! Should I be trying to learn the songs from "Forever Plaid"?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Yesterday was my first day down in cosmetics and it was an event to see. It first started with my finding out that the woman who was supposed to train me had a funeral so she wouldn't be coming in that day and that the person they got to cover the shift was one who worked in men's fragrance that didn't know anything about the products... Then it got even better, I was there MAYBE 15 minutes and the girl that was there from 9:45-5:00 was leaving for her lunch and would be out of the store for the next hour! Great!!! And, of course, she was only gone another 15 minutes and my first transaction was an exchange so I had three people telling my how to ring it up one way, then another way, and back to the first way, and then call a manager because they have to ok the credit to the woman's account, and it's Lancome's free gift so I was very busy and very confused for my whole 7 hour shift! One the up note I learned a lot and fast, I even did two make-overs and started building clientele! Very exciting.

I also worked this morning with my trainer who sat down majority of the time gave me a book about the product, told me to read up on one thing and then go find where the stock was at the counter... Very tedious since I learned where most stuff was on my first day when I was looking for it by myself. But we'll see how it goes. I work tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday in that area by myself and then it's off to a new counter!

Going Downstairs Party

I am not going to say much about this evening since I seem to be blanking on a lot of things but the basic premise went like this,

Since I was switching depts at Marshall Fields my co-workers and I decided to have a going downstairs party at my favorite hang out, the Junction. My friend Amber and her husband Barry, started with dinner at the American Legion visiting our other co-worker Marta at her other job. That was around 6:00/6:30 and Marta started us off with a free pitcher. After a delicious Pork dinner we went back to Amber and Barry's house to chill and drink more until 9:30 rolled around (party est. time start)

But my manager and a co-worker were already there at 9:00 and wanted us to get there. I remember a little more than an hour and a half of events and then it starts to get foggy.... and that's all I am going to say.

Events of the night have been unfolded and it seems whether you went to the party or not the entire restaurant staff heard the happenings, needless to say I was a little embarrassed when I went to work Saturday...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Change in Scenery

Well, let it be told, I have taken a new job!! I will no longer be working at the wonderful Lakeshore Grill, instead I will be the cosmetic bitch! I am now the "bench girl" in cosmetics of MF. I will learn all the different types of cosmetics and fill in for people that are off, on sick leave, vacation, or just plain busy. It will be quiet different and I am sure a challenge but I am up for it! So wish me luck!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

There Goes My Self-Esteem!

I worked this morning and after a "discussion" with one of our guests I wanted to run to a computer and bitch. So here is the scene... I am checking on tables making sure that everything is scrumptious and one of our regulars, an old crabby lady that everyone hates, but you learn to deal with her so she's ok... That is until she flags me down and starts the conversation with
Mean Old Woman: " You want to loose weight don't you?"
Me: (in my head) no I want to stay the size of a whale for the rest of my life!
Mean Bitter Old Woman:"I mean seriously, my daughter has a weight problem and she is having a hard time taking it off to, but if you want some dieting advice don't eat flour or sugar. It sounds simple but it's not. But if you really want to loose weight you should try it."
Me: (still in my head) WOW if I only had this information sooner I could be a model in California, instead of this pathetic fat girl working at a shitty restaurant, I mean seriously what does one say to that!? I mean if I wasn't working I would have told her to shove it and get the hell away from me, but I am in crowded dining room and dumbfounded! Then she continues about how all her family, except for her, have weight problems and how her son gets very upset when she talks about it. WELL DUH! You would think that would be a hint not to tell total strangers they need to loose weight!!!! Right?! Then comes the kicker, as if the whole situation wasn't bad enough, she tells me that I really should diet and that she'll "be back in to CHECK ON ME"!! At this point I was over joyed when I saw people at the door where I then sprinted away from the crochetty old woman and hoped to god no one else heard what she was saying!